Hello lovelies! Happy October!

It’s been a crazy two months since we last met! I’m officially down to one job (working with little preschoolers!) and I’m so happy to have the time I need to really dedicate myself and jump back in to the blogging world.

I absolutely love October. I would have to say it’s my favorite month next to September (my birthday month. ;) I love the crispness in the air, colorful leaves, cozy sweaters, Halloween, and all things pumpkin! Not to mention the fall festivities. I have a couple pumpkin patches and a corn maze booked on my calendar right now! Although it’s halfway over, I have a couple great fall blog posts planned for the rest of the month that I’m sure you’ll love! But for now, let’s chat about this gorgeous watch I’ve been sporting the last couple weeks.

If I’m being completely honest, I’ve never been a huge watch wearer. Watches just seem to have become obsolete with everyone constantly carrying their phone’s around, me included. But that changed when Konifer Watch contacted me and asked if I would review their product. I’ve seen their site advertised before and loved the look of the all wooden watches, so I jumped at the chance! Konifer Watch is a Canadian based company that creates gorgeous wooden watches crafted straight from raw materials! Each watch is unique, and has a 5 year warranty. One of my most favorite things about this brand is their mission to give back the wood they use to craft their products. For every watch that’s bought, a tree is planted with their partnering brand WeForest! On top of their gorgeous watch selection, they also offer, rings, bracelets, and belts. Here’s the link to the watch I picked out. I just love the Canadian leaf and tiny diamonds on the face!

Check out my other post to read about the watch on the right in the thumbnail photo!


Other favorites from Konifer:

Thanks so much for stopping by, and come again soon! :)