Why Mental Health Days Are Important

Have you ever felt drained?

We've all experienced those times where daily tasks like jobs, errands, cooking and cleaning seem like more than we can take on. After a while, our routines become robotic and we get lost in the monotony of everyday life instead of living in the moment and appreciating everything our day has to offer us. We fill up our schedules and to-do lists, running around, trying to stay as busy as possible. Busy has become a gold star to put on top of our charts. A standard to be tirelessly reached every day. But I don't think being busy is all it's cracked up to be.

Now don't get me wrong, I love a good ole' busy packed day as much as the next person every once in a while. It makes me feel productive and accomplished to go bed knowing I checked everything off my to-do list of goals I set for myself the previous night. But doing this day-in and day-out becomes taxing, and I find myself getting frazzled and overwhelmed, struggling to keep up with the "go, go, go" mindset.

This is why I firmly believe mental health days are important and necessary. Life is a lot to take on sometimes, even the day-to-day tasks, and your mind and body just need a break! Who doesn't need a good excuse to curl up in your PJ's with a cup of coffee and a good book? Or binge watch that show you've been dying to try? Whatever your free time may look like, whether it's reading, writing, taking a walk, getting coffee with a friend, binge watching a TV show, or napping all day, allow yourself to take a mini vacation every once in a while. You'll come back feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready to take on those day-to-day tasks!

Here's a list I found of 15 Ways to Relax at Home!

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