To The Max

There's something about wearing a maxi dress that makes me feel so sophisticated and majestic.

I rarely go for maxi dresses because it's hard for me to find one that's the perfect length (hits the top of my foot. Not my ankle, never my ankle). It's not that an ankle length maxi doesn't look nice, but I find it to be annoying and am never satisfied with the way it looks on me. That's why when I find one that's really long, I snatch it up immediately!

I believe Maxi dresses should be a staple in every woman's closet because:

  1. They're so versatile and easy to style. Jean jacket = casual, but all you have to do to dress it up is throw on some heels and nice jewelry!
  2. They elongate any figure. If you're on the petite side the right maxi can make you look taller, and if you already have height on your side it just enhances it!
  3. They're easy. Who doesn't want to throw on just one thing and look great instead of putting together a whole outfit?
  4. They make you look sophisticated. Long dresses have always been associated with formality. You can't go wrong with a long dress.
  5. They're great for summer. On those long, hot days, a flowy, light maxi dress is your best friend!

You can find this gorgeous and comfy maxi here. Link to shoes like mine here. And it comes in different colors and patterns! SO Strappy scoopneck Maxi Dress (wearing a L). On sale right now!


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