Little White Dresses

Have you ever had something that you've always been drawn to, but you're not sure why? Maybe it's a type of clothing, or a style of shoe, or an item you collect.

This is how I've always been with little white dresses. There's just something about them I find beautiful and elegant, especially when they're lacy or have something unique to them. (I have a legitimate fear I won't be able to pick out a wedding dress one day for this reason.) Not to mention they're blissfully easy to accessorize because they're so neutral, and can basically be worn anywhere. Parties, graduation, baby showers, bridal showers, New Year's Eve, around town, a white dress can go anywhere! Never get to wear those red heels you love so much because they never match anything? (Red shoes are also one of my downfalls and have been ever since I was 4). If you own a white dress that's not a problem anymore! Plus, it pairs perfectly with rose-gold jewelry (mine is from Charming Charlie's).

I instantly fell in love with this dress the second I saw it. How could you not? My girlfriend I was shopping with at the time actually found it first and tried it on, but she doesn't do white dresses, so she handed it over to me. (Score!)

This dress is still available at Francesca's, and it's on sale! Unfortunately they only have mediums left, but here's one that's almost exactly the same but with a solid skirt, and links to some of my other favorite little white dresses! 


Thanks for stopping by, and come back soon! :)