National Pink Day

Everything has it's own day nowadays. If you google "National Something Something" chances are it's a thing, and it has a set day every year. This particular day, June 23rd, is dedicated to everything pink! I don't know who it was that decided colors should have their own birthday, but I think they're a genius. Among my other favorite "National Something Something" days are National Doughnut Day, National Waffle Day, National Pancake Day, and pretty much any day that has to do with food. And National Cat Day, I love my cats.

As a lover of all things pink, I couldn't let June 23rd go by without commemorating it with a fun photo shoot! (One of my favorites I've done yet!)

My dress from Abercrombie & Fitch linked |here| and it's on sale! My Just Fab shoes linked |here.|

Pink Day.jpg
Pink Day 3.jpg
Pink Day 8.jpg
Pink Day 2.jpg
Pink Day 6.jpg
Pink Day 9.jpg
Pink Day 4.jpg
Pink Day 5.jpg
Pink day 10.jpg

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