Chloe + Isabel

I'm going to be totally honest. Until a few months ago, I had never heard of Chloe + Isabel. One night in May while vacationing in AZ, I received an Instagram message from Jill, a Chloe + Isabel merchandiser, asking if I would follow her jewelry boutique page. She asked about my jewelry style and helped me browse around the boutique at all the different pieces. Needless to say, I fell in love instantly!

I had recently been looking to revamp my jewelry collection with finer, higher quality jewelry that didn't tarnish or break after a few months of wearing it. One of my favorite things about Chloe + Isabel is their story.  The company was started with an idea called the Friendship Philosophy, where two best friends have different styles and personalities, but are united by their love for style and self-expression. Get full details about their story here!

After spending some time talking to Jill, she asked me if I would be interested in a Pop Up Party; an online event that allows the host and participants a chance to win free jewelry through interactive posts. Mine ran a little over a week long and I earned up to $200 in credit to use for the Chloe + Isabel boutique! I highly suggest hosting because it's fun, gives you a chance to connect with other jewelry lovers, and gets you some free jewelry!  You can contact Jill through her Instagram to set up details here!

Chloe + Isabel has sales pretty frequently so you can get gorgeous and high quality jewelry at a great price! Here are some of the pieces I bought with my credit:

Petalette Three-Row Convertible Necklace | Jolie Statement Bracelet | Petalette Wrap Bracelet (This piece was a free gift for hosting!) | Portico Petite Convertible Necklace | Femme De Fleur Pendant Necklace | Petalette Ring (Size 8) | Clara Ring Set (Wearing size 9, but their rings run a bit big so I could've gone with an 8 or 7 depending on which finger I wear it on.) |



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