My Favorite Tall Shops

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The last time we met on my blog (see the post here) I mentioned an upcoming post on my favorite tall-friendly shops, and here it is! Being tall, or petite, or any size outside of  "average" makes shopping a little more complicated. Clothes are too short, or too long, too baggy or too tight, and just don't fit right all around. Lucky for us, I've found over the past several years there's a lot more companies catering to out-of-the-norm statures with entire sections dedicated to either tall or petite.

I've complied a list of my most-shopped stores, and what I buy most at each one, along with some other alternatives. I hope this helps all my fellow tall girls out there who have struggled to find clothes as much as I have. The struggle is no more!


I discovered Alloy several years ago. The site has always sold tall jeans but has just recently converted to selling almost only tall clothing, rebranding themselves as "apparel for tall women." This is where I buy all of my jeans and pants, including sweats and loungewear. My newest purchase includes these gorgeous flower embroidered jeans, (and they're on sale!!) and a pair of white jeans that I've been on the lookout for.  The great thing about Alloy is although it's a tall store, they also have a 5'8" and under section and pretty much cover everyone! Don't forget to check out their great tops and sweaters too while you're perusing around the site! Below I've linked some of my other favorites along with my Bella Floral Embroidered and Siena High Waist Skinny jeans.

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Tall Bella Floral Jeans | Wearing size 13 | 35 Inseam |


Long Tall Sally

Long Tall Sally, formerly known as Long Elegant Legs, has some gorgeous clothing. A little on the pricey side, but well worth it for the correct fit and quality. LTS is my go-to for comfy pj's and basics like white t-shirts. I don't know if anyone else is bothered by their pajama pants not being long enough, they are just pj's after all, but I've never been one for pants that are too short, not even for the clothes that I sleep in. Long Tall Sally makes it possible to have super comfy and adorable pajamas without sacrificing length. All of my winter pajama sets are from this site. These Duvet Day pj's are a couple years old, but they always have great new selections you won't want to miss out on with the colder months just around the corner!

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Blog 1a.jpg

 | Wearing size M |

Abercrombie & Fitch

For years I've heard people talk about Abercrombie and Fitch. I remember seeing all the teens my age walking around with the logo slapped on their shirts and sweatshirts, but I never payed much attention to the brand. To me it was just another Hollister or Aeropostale. That is until I actually took the time to go to their website several months ago. And wouldn't you know it, they sell tall sizes! Maybe everyone already knows this, but it was news to me.  They have such a variety of styles when it comes to dresses and rompers, which is why Abercrombie is my first-choice-site to shop for either of those things. They have a nice little sale right now on most of their summer styles. This cute little romper is fully stocked in all sizes and comes in two different colors, black and white stripe!

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Tie Shoulder Romper | Wearing size L |

Here are some other tall shops you might want to check out:

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